Showroom Re-creation



1949 Lionel Showroom Layout Re-creation

Progress has been slow, but steady. This is not a full time occupation, but a labor of love. It is more important that everything is authentic rather than compromised for the sake of getting it done quickly. A tremendous amount of research has been done to ensure that the finished product is as close to the original layout as possible. This includes collecting photos and films of the layout, talking to people that have seen the original showroom and, most importantly, the incessant pestering of the original builders, who always seem to tolerate my questions on seemingly insignificant minutia, but at the same time seem to share the excitement that I have for this project.

The room to house the project measures 44 by 24 feet. There are no supporting structures in the center, so there will be more than enough room for the 16 by 32 foot layout to fit in the center unobstructed. The building is heated and air conditioned, well insulated and well lighted. As you enter the room, you will be in the same position as you would have been in the original Showroom, the front left corner, by the Swifty Meat Packing Co.

Hanging the drop ceiling     Hanging the drop ceiling

Dad putting up the ceiling.

Well, the framework for the layout has finally begun. We built half the table in a few hours. And we are finally realizing exactly how large this layout actually will be. This portion of the table is the rear of the layout, the mountain area. It seems to much easier to start in the back and work toward the entrance and the more complicated framework.

Leo and Tom      Tom Bassi and Tom Martin     Leo

Framing out the rear half of the table.

Table Top  Table Top

Finishing and sheathing the surface.

GG1 Line East  GG1 Line West  Subway Table  Subway Platform

The GG1 Line that climbs and descends.

Waterfall   Waterfall

Waterfall in the North East corner.

Coal & Lumber Siding

Coal and Lumber Siding on West side.

364 Lumber Loader

364 Lumber Loader on West side.

Northwest Sidings

Sidings on North West side.

Passenger Terminal

Passenger Terminal

Upper Level By Gas Station Upper Level By Waterfall

Upper Level 

Turntable Turntable







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