JLM Trains, L.L.C.

Below are the reproduction trains and accessories we offer

No Compromises 

All of the trains and accessories that we offer can be considered “commissioned” pieces. Each piece is built, by hand, to the customers specifications. There are no compromises when it comes to the authenticity of the item. Would it be easier to make parts using cheap pot metal castings instead of sand casting cast iron which requires machining as the originals did? Surely it would be. But will the customer be happy accepting this knowing that certain technologies simply did not exist when the originals were made? Probably not. We find that most of our customers are advanced collectors that appreciate the fact that we have gone to great lengths to not only duplicate the look of these trains, but to go so far as to duplicate the way they were built. If a part was originally made of cast iron, we make the reproduction of cast iron. Wooden parts are replicated in wood. Bodies are hand soldered together, not cheapened with tab and slot construction. Motors are reproduced to be exactly as the original. The 2 7/8 Inch Gauge line must be run on DC current. This is because, at the time they were originally available, batteries were their source of power. Ours run on DC also. This is the way the motor was originally designed. Again, no compromises.