JLM Trains, L.L.C.


No. 338 Telltale Warning Signal

Exact reproduction of the Telltale Warning Signal offered by IVES from 1924 to 1930. Correct style brass chains and wooden finial.

Early Cast Iron Base 1924 – 1929

90.00 Each

Late Slender Cast Base 1930

75.00 Each

No. 87 Flag Pole

Exact reproduction of the Flag Pole offered by IVES from 1926 to 1930. Wooden pole and correct 48 Star flag. Approximately 20 inches tall.

Early Cast Iron Base 1923 – 1925

75.00 Each

IVES #87 Flag Pole Early Version

Late Slender Cast Base 1926 – 1930

60.00 Each

No. 32 Miniature Figures

Exact reproduction of the Seated Figures offered by Lionel from 1910 until 1918. Each is cast in a polyester resin similar in weight and texture to the original pieces. They are then hand painted in various colors. There are 3 different figures and are sold in sets of one dozen. Holes are drilled in their bottoms for mounting in any car with seat pins including:

All Trolleys, Interurban Cars, 18,19 and 190 Passenger Cars and 29 Day Coaches.

100.00 Dozen

No. 27 Lighting Kit

Exact reproduction of the sockets and wires for the illumination of early Lionel passenger cars.

All steel and wood construction, with the correct cloth covered wire.


Mountain Houses

Exact reproduction of the small house found on Lionel Scenic Mountains and Tunnels.

All steel construction, painted and ready to replace your missing house or add to any mountain or tunnel.

Available in

Yellow/ Red

Light Blue/ Dark Blue

White/ Red

Red/ White

Brown/ Red