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Scenic Items

We are adding to our vintage inspired Scenic Items

We now offer Coal in two different size bags. The 207 is approximately 1/4 pound and the 206 approximately 1/2 pound. Each contains the proper size and weight coal for use in prewar and postwar Lionel Coal Loaders and Operating Coal Dump Cars.

Each is packed in a cloth drawstring bag reminiscent of the original

No. 206 Coal Bag   $6.00

No. 207 Coal Bag   $4.00

Reproduction Lionel Scenic Plots

(Coming Soon)

910 Grove of Trees

911 Country Estate

912 Surburban Home

913 Landscaped Bungalow

922 Lamp Terrace

927 Ornamental Flag Terrace

933 Half Size Bungalow Plot