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Standard Gauge Reproductions


We are finishing tooling up for a line of STANDARD GAUGE reproductions. At the present time, our focus Early Period Lionel. This timeframe begins in 1906 and lasts until 1923 when the Classic Period takes over. All of the items produced in this period were primarily constructed of sheet steel and sheet brass. Finishes are mostly painted enamels although the high end models have bodies that are built of polished brass or plated in bright nickel. Boilers on some steam locomotives are built with Russian Iron. Lettering is rubber stamped. Locomotive drive wheels are cast iron as die-casting technology is still in the future. There are still many parts constructed of wood.

Our reproductions closely follow the construction techniques of the originals that they emulate. Great lengths have been gone to in order to duplicate some of the unique characteristics that these models exhibit. Delicate grey iron castings, wooden parts, laborious hand soldering of all pieces and mostly, the duplication of the process to reproduce the Russian Iron finish on the loco boilers.

Descriptions of some of the methods employed in the manufacture of our reproduction line can be found on the Old Technology page.

The following pages show examples of what is available and what is coming out soon.

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