JLM Trains, L.L.C.

Reproductions of Junior Bridge Company Bridges and Tunnels


The Junior Bridge Company of Ridgefield Park New Jersey was another one of those small companies that took advantage of the toy train boom of the 1950’s. They made inexpensive, all steel, bridges of various types, signal bridges and tunnels. Most collectors have seen them even if they don’t know that they are, in fact, produced by Junior Bridge. 

Junior Bridge.net is now offering reproductions of these classic, tinplate style accessories, built in the classic style. All steel, welded construction, embossed rivet detail, and with additional features like lights and rotating beacons. 

Catalog No. 101L

Catalog No. 102

Catalog No. 105B

Catalog No. 202A

101 Double Steel Trestle Bridge 

101L  Double Steel Trestle Bridge with Light

102 Steel Trestle Bridge 

102L  Steel Trestle Bridge with Light

103 Six Panel Flat Top Truss

103L Six Panel Flat Top Truss with Light

105 Suspension Bridge

105B Suspension Bridge with Beacons

201 Steel Girder Bridge

202 Double Steel Girder Bridge

202A Steel Girder Sides

301 Steel Tunnel

301L Steel Tunnel with Light

401 Signal Bridge

Prototype in the works for a Standard Gauge version of the 102 Steel Trestle Bridge.