JLM Trains, L.L.C.

Plates, Decals and Graphics for Restorations


Oil Labels for under the floor of many Lionel Standard Gauge and O Gauge cars.
White without Border, White with Border, Yellow 4 Wheel 

.50 Each

Label for the boom on Lionel 219 Derrick Car

$1.00 each

205 LCL Container Door Labels

$2.00 set of 3

Large Circle L in Brass or Nickel as used on Lionel 400E Loco and 2263 Tender

Self adhesive

$3.00 Each

Small Circle L in Brass or Nickel as used on Lionel 259 and 264 Locos

Self adhesive

$2.00 Each

Lionel State Car Drumhead

$2.00 Each

Lionel City Sign in Brass or Nickel for 124 and 134 Stations

$6.00 Each

Smoke Label for inside the Cab Roof in most Postwar Lionel smoking locomotives

$1.00 Each


American Flyer Wide Gauge Drumheads

$5.00 Each

American Flyer S Gauge B&O Timesaver as used on 980 and 24023 Cars

Self Adhesive as Original

$6.00 Pair


Dorfan decal for many Accessories and Cars

Water Release

$2.00 each


Marx Automatic Signal Label as used on 454 Block Signal

Self Adhesive

$4.00 each

Marx Ringing Bell Signal Label as used on 418 Crossing Signal with Bell

Self Adhesive

$4.00 each

Marx Crossbuck Label as used on 423 Crossing Signal

Self Adhesive

$4.00 each