JLM Trains, L.L.C.

Directions for Using Our Rubber Stamps for Restoration 

The following is the recommended procedure for using our custom ink for lettering your toy trains with our rubber stamps. It is suggested that you experiment first before stamping your trains.

The specially formulated ink is supplied in a small half ounce bottle. The ink will be at the side or bottom of the bottle, and the bottle will be full of water. The ink may appear to be dried up and hard, but underneath the skin will be good ink. Get it carefully, do not stir or disturb the ink any more than necessary.

  • Open the ink bottle, and without removing the water, use coffee stirrer or a toothpick and remove a dab of ink about half the size of an air rifle “BB” –only a very small amount is needed! Do not stir! Spread this small dab of ink on the glass plate with a razor blade. The ink must be spread evenly and thin. Do not be concerned about a little water it won’t mix with ink. If you have never rubber stamped lettering before, use a small stamp, like a car number, and experiment.
  • Carefully place the stamp on this thin film of ink. Press down lightly. Be sure that the type is squarely on the plate so that all the letters take the ink. Lift up the stamp and examine to see if all the letters are inked. If not, repeat, pressing down squarely and lightly until all the letters are wet with ink. (Too much pressure will cause smudging). Sometimes a slight rocking back and forth will assist in inking or “wetting” all the letters. Repeat until all the letters are inked.
  • Carefully apply the stamp to the surface to be stamped using both hands, little fingers of both hands, resting on the train being stamped. DO NOT PRESS DOWN HEAVILY ONLY LIGHTLY. A gentle rocking helps deposit the ink completely. Lift up hands and stamp simultaneously. If the ink on the glass becomes “dry” a drop of mineral spirits paint thinner will revive it, or scrape it off with the razor blade, and apply new ink.
  • If the lettering is crooked, or smudged, quickly use a dry Kleenex or moisten with mineral spirits paint thinner to wipe away and try again.
  • When using long stamps ( over 2 inches long) better results will be obtained by using the brayer supplied in our Deluxe Kit, to roll out the ink thin and even. Use paint thinner to clean the roller after using.
  • A 10 minute bake at 150 degrees will dry the ink right now! However, lettering should be dry after standing overnight at normal room temperature. No overspray should be required to preserve the lettering under normal conditions.
  • Mineral spirits paint thinner will remove this lettering that is dry, and leave the surface ready for restamping.